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SNAPSHOTS with Kim Plumridge

All of us have experienced events that changed us and changed the direction of our lives. These events or SNAPSHOTS-sad, empowering, funny, embarrassing- make up the stories of our lives. Some of these SNAPSHOTS are unique to us-allowing us to grow and develop- and some of them are universal- allowing us to establish common ground with others. 

In this special workshop, each person will share a particular SNAPSHOT from his/her life with the group. We will then listen to each other’s SNAPSHOTS and possibly come up with similar ones from our own lives. We will also do a fun game with pictures-using our imaginations to create pretend SNAPSHOTS for the people in the pictures.

Gramatan Village Members: Free

Guests: $20

All are Welcome Reservations Requested: 914-337-1338


Later Event: June 12
Walter's Hot Dogs