Who We Are

Started as a community project, Gramatan Village has become the linchpin in accessing resources for older adults in the greater Bronxville community. We serve that very special group of people who have contributed so much to our communities and want to continue living here when so many seemingly small limitations can make that difficult or impossible.


We accomplish our task with trained expertise, one-on-one services and a great group of contributors and volunteers. Whether you need transportation, a handyman, help with errands, or health care related services, we are there to assist you. One phone call is all it takes. As a Gramatan Village member you will have access to our network of community partners, all pre-screened, trusted service providers. You have the opportunity to attend regularly scheduled cultural and social activities such as lectures, concerts, art exhibitions, organized trips to museums, the theater and special outings.

Gramatan Village keeps you well-informed and up-to-date on issues of particular interest to older adults. We sponsor educational seminars and workshops. You can participate as little or as much as you like.

We invite you to join us and see old friends and meet new ones. Many of the services we provide are included in the annual membership fee, three-quarters of which is tax-deductible. 

Many people join Gramatan Village to be part of the community, to support the effort, and to have those important services available when they eventually need them.




Kerry Walsh
Vice President
J. Gregory Coleman
William W. Zambelli
Elizabeth Folberth
Nancy Arnold

MaryAnne Denniston
Thatcher Drew
Carol F. Godfrey
Tracy Lilly
Timothy McGrath

Guy Minetti 

Peter C. Thorp
Schatze Thorp

Joan C. Toffolon
Barbara White

Executive Director
Julie Dalton

Member & Volunteer Coordinator

Kathryn Urbina